Dyslexia Clinic Niagara


Multisensory Academic Therapy

Builds pathways within the brain.
Paves the road to automaticity.
Retention of concepts and facts.
Gold standard, genuine Orton-Gillingham.
Multisensory Reading Lesson Multisensory Math Lesson Multisensory French Lesson
Orton-Gillingham for Reading, Writing and Spelling
This well regarded multisensory approach can help each client to manage areas affected by their learning difference. The ultimate goal is automaticity.
Orton-Gillingham for Math
The abstract nature of math can make it confusing. Presenting math concepts in isolation via multisensory instruction builds understanding and retention. It doesn't have to be difficult any more!
Coming soon: Multisensory French!
Ok, we heard you! Multisensory French will soon be available.